Nathanial Gray

One of the Zodiac Priests. Cancer/Ox

Formerly a human, now a Lich Necromancer, Nathan is the leader of the Republic of Life. He was one of the first to oppose Zodiac, having a strong respect for life and being unwilling to take one in anyone else’s name. He was the first of the twelve to rise after the Zodiac War, and established the Republic to carry on his ideals. His tomb is under the Necropolis, the Republic’s capital city.

Role in the Zodiac War

Nathan was the leader of a large horde of lesser undead and an elite group of intelligent undead. In the Battle of the Bleeding Sky, his forces were depleted by Christopher’s troups, but after Christopher was dealt with by a task force sent by Archur, he went on to defeat William the Bright.

Nathanial Gray

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