One of the Zodiac Priests.Aquarius/Horse

A Ghost (formerly human) Sorcerer who specializes in sonic damage and trickery. His Zodiac tomb is located on a remote island north of The Republic of Life. His Tomb is set up as a series of tests of skill and logic. The party eventually met him and established a peaceful relationship. He filled in a bit of the origins of the Zodiac Priests and revealed that the 12 Zodiac pendants house the essence of Zodiac.

Role in the Zodiac War

Gliff defected from Zodiac’s side during the war and agreed to help Connor in defeating the forces of the evil Priests. However, Gliff is a coward and backed out right before the final assault. His tomb was not designed to keep him alive, but only because he wanted it that way; he is the creator of the spell that powers the tombs of the living Priests. His casting of this spell was his penance for his cowardice (seeing as it had a high cost of his own essence (XP loss)).


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