Garuun Dar

One of the Zodiac Priests. Taurus/Dog

Garrun Dar is a Goliath/Werewolf Barbarian/Runescarred Berserker whose Zodiac tomb is in D’Harna on a desert plane. In Garuun’s case tomb is a misnomer. His “Zodiac tomb” is an area enchanted with magic to lengthen his lifespan, making him one of the few actually living Zodiac Priests. Naturally Loyal, Honourable and Docile, when transformed into a Werewolf his personality changes to reveal a sadistic side. When the party met him, they were able to make peaceful contact and left with his Zodiac pendant.

Role in the Zodiac War

Garuun Dar left Zodiac’s side, feeling that the atrocities committed by the other priests far outweighed the loyalty owed to his former master. In the Battle of the Bleeding Sky, he charged into battle side-by-side with Connor.

Garuun Dar

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