One of the Zodiac Priests.Virgo/Rooster

A Human Cleric of Pelor who despises undead, he is ruthless in destroying them and cares little for loss of life if it means loss of unlife. His tomb is in a mountain cave in the north of Illian.

Role in the Zodiac War

Christopher fought on Zodiac’s side, a forgone conclusion given that the necromancer of the group sided with Connor. He was the commander of a small army meant to deal with enermy undead. During the Battle of the Bleeding Sky, his narrow focus lead to his defeat at the hand of living foes.

Recently, he emerged from his tomb in Illian and neatly removed the undead presence from the nation. However, Christopher was slain in battle in a merchant’s home in Norm, a city in Illian. The party eliminated him quite handily.


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