Key Items Held By Party
Updated After Each Session

Aquarius/Horse Pendant

Taurus/Dog Pendant

Virgo/Rooster Pendant

Nathan's Revelation
wherein a bunch of people didn't play

The group, minus certain members who went off to find the real source of divine magic, where welcomed by Nathanial Gray, who revealed that he was of the 12. He told them the names and discipline of the remaining members of the zodiac priests, and allowed them to enter his tomb to find the maps to other tombs, those of the Williams and Thun Dare. They went down, accompanied by a new, Goliath friend, defeated the evil undead inside, including a kick-ass zombie monk who is SO recurring on their asses, and retrieved them.

The party also learned that Thun and Dare are free, and are trying to find out who raised Christopher, whom they slew last time.

The Hunt for Red Christopher
the march 1st session

The party was successful in their plan to meet Garuun Dar. They were met by Matthew and Honeyflake, party members off on a different, unimportant side-quest. Honey flake was super-polymorphed into a completely different character by the Invisible Pink Unicorn. The party then returned to the Republic of Life, where they met with Nathanial Gray, who asked them to deal with the undead-defeating priest (later known to be Christopher) in Illian. The party were able to slay Chris in the merchant Bilbo’s house, then slaughtered all the priests guards and freed Bilbo from confinement, although they forced him to change his name to Bandit Keith. Our heroes then found out from Christopher’s corpse where his tomb was, and ventured forth to retrieve his pendant, stopping on the way to decimate Bilbo’s son Frodo’s adventuring party, turing many of its members, and poor Virginia Wolf, to a fine haze of flaming ash and gore. The group then destroyed the Stone Golem guarding Christopher’s Tomb and took the pendant. The group has already received the payment from the Republic, through magical wire-transfer, but Nathanial’s information is still unknown…

The Zodiac Brave Story
The Story Since Zodiac

The Party Realized that something was wrong when one of them had a glowing Zodiac symbol in his eye. Through their contacts at the Republic they learn a rudimentary version of the events of the Zodiac War, and are told the location of Gliff’s tomb. They arrive at the tomb, navigate his deadly traps and illusions, and defeat Gliff, or so they thought. It turned out to be a mere spectre, but a ghostly Gliff then greeted them, gave them his Zodiac pendant and told them the real Zodiac War story, and pointed them towards Garuun Dar.

They then traveled to Garuun’s tomb, along the way picking up a mighty Frost Giant skeleton minion, and noticed that D’Harna was mercilessly gathering slaves. They met a troll, who I have decided to name Trolly, who was tortured by Garuun’s Lycanthrope form, who pointed them in the right direction. They eventually made peaceful contact with Garuun Dar, who also handed over his pendant and told them the locations of both Christopher & Archur.

The Story Before Zodiac Emergence
a brief summary

The party banded together as a mercenary troop, and upset the military balance pretty badly. Their work for the Republic of Life ended badly, as their charge was killed, but the Republic cared little as they disliked the person they had sent. Their betrayal of Illian in the name of the Republic allowed the undead a foothold on the island nation and led to a great victory. They were then were hired as representatives of the Republic by D’Harna to rescue a Devil held in a Celesnian jail, a task that they pulled off with the help of a necromancer’s spell that uses bones as a medium of teleportation. They then returned to the Republic, where their true destiny began to unfold.


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