The Zodiac Brave Story

The Story Since Zodiac

The Party Realized that something was wrong when one of them had a glowing Zodiac symbol in his eye. Through their contacts at the Republic they learn a rudimentary version of the events of the Zodiac War, and are told the location of Gliff’s tomb. They arrive at the tomb, navigate his deadly traps and illusions, and defeat Gliff, or so they thought. It turned out to be a mere spectre, but a ghostly Gliff then greeted them, gave them his Zodiac pendant and told them the real Zodiac War story, and pointed them towards Garuun Dar.

They then traveled to Garuun’s tomb, along the way picking up a mighty Frost Giant skeleton minion, and noticed that D’Harna was mercilessly gathering slaves. They met a troll, who I have decided to name Trolly, who was tortured by Garuun’s Lycanthrope form, who pointed them in the right direction. They eventually made peaceful contact with Garuun Dar, who also handed over his pendant and told them the locations of both Christopher & Archur.



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