There was a time in ages long past, before reading, writing, and at the dawn of language, that 12 individuals were granted a boon beyond their comprehension. They had nothing in common beyond that they were all exceptional at what they did. They were all born under the influence of 2 different astrological signs, what we refer to as western & eastern Zodiac signs. No two of these 12 shared a common sign, so their new found powers were undiluted. The new power they received came in the form of 12 pendants granted to them by a being named Zodiac. They became the Zodiac Priests, and, in return for their power, agreed to magically sleep until Zodiac calls upon them to wage war in his name. Upon awakening, however, some of the 12 realized that Zodiac was not all that he appeared and, upon the declaration of war on Zodiac by the ancient hero Connor, defected and fought for good in the Zodiac War, which ended with Zodiac’s defeat in the Battle of the Bleeding Sky. The defeated 12 were given tombs to imprison their spirits forever and the victors tombs of their design to honour them. Zodiac’s essence was broken into 12 pieces and trapped in the zodiac pendants.

Now it’s thousands of years later, and the 12 are again influencing the world. Their rest was apparently not as eternal as one would hope…


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